Tax Return Accountant Sutherland Shire

Taxation Services


The tax environment is constantly changing, creating both new opportunities and more complex challenges for today's business environment.
We offer a full range of taxation services based on proven knowledge and experience. We aim to minimise your tax liability through legitimate strategies. Our advice includes helping you in selection of your business structure (Sole trader, Partnership, Trust, Company, etc.), choosing right accounting policy (cash v/s accrual), benefitting from special schemes available (Depreciation and other incentives available to small business entities), minimising capital gains and Fringe benefit tax.
We prepare and lodge personal, business and all other types of tax returns. We manage affaires that are simple to complex in nature.

We can help you by:

  • Providing  personalised Tax advice and Tax planning
  • Managing prior years and overdue Tax Returns
  • Negotiation on your behalf regarding outstanding ATO tax debts
  • Negotiation with the Tax Office to reduce fines and penalties
  • Tax minimisation strategies
  • Establishment and management of SMSF (subject to limitation of financial advise services)




Tax Return Accountant Sutherland Shire